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I’ll be on my way to Coachella in exactly four weeks (excitement levels are off the charts, obviously) so I’m currently on countdown – not just till the festival but until the nerve-wracking moment I unveil my pallid winter body in a bikini amidst a backdrop of the planet’s most toned and tanned population (anxiety levels are off the chart, obviously).

This time of year brings out the mental health freak in me. Last year I worked out 11 times in 7 days. Lower that judgemental eye brow…I did warn you.

I’ve always turned to exercise to stay in shape rather than dieting. I can, and frequently do, eat my boyfriend under the table, so I’m pretty regimental about my fitness. Plus it’s the one other thing besides fashion that I really feel passionately about, so I figured why not introduce a bit more of it on Salute to Style.

This spring I’m trying to dial down the crazy a little. For the first time ever I’m tackling my more-is-more attitude to carbohydrates. In fact, I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m going on a high-protein, low-carb ‘diet’. We’re talking a Whey shake for breakfast and another before bedtime interspersed with a varied routine of cardio and resistance training. I’m hoping it’s going to buff me to within an inch of my life and tighten up those squishy areas I can’t shift, even when I’m at my skinniest.

I’m not cutting any veg (bar potatoes obviously), I’m eating a small amount of carbs with lunch (oat cakes) and I’m still having two cheat days per week when I can bask in all the bready delights I’ve abstained from. And wine. All the wine. (Told you I’m not good at dieting). Progress reports to come…