Several months have lapsed since my last post – the day I got the news that my boyfriend (love of my life for 11 years if you can believe it) was finally granted a visa to live and work in New York City. Facing so much monumental change, I was paralysed. Most life altering moments hit you like a bolt from the blue before you’re able to grasp the magnitude of their importance, but this decision had been on our minds and in our hearts for two long years.

They say everybody has three vital anchors in this life: their home, their job and their relationship. If one is severed we learn to cope, but lose two or even three and we’re in for very a rough ride indeed. I’m about to spend the coming months with only one anchor to steady me, but I’m hoping the storm clouds gathering on the horizon will eventually culminate in a very rare gift – the freshest of slates.

I’ve never been a person who can go with the flow very easily when it comes to setting those vital anchors in place, so the next year is going to break me and reshape me in a multitude of ways. I’ve pictured every possible scenario, from the ideal to the catastrophic, but risks are what life is made of, so for once I’m going to surrender to serendipity and see what the universe has in store for me. I’ll use this opportunity to focus on all the things I’ve dreamed of but never had the chance to do: write a novel, do a yoga teacher training course, take ukulele lessons from a hipster in Brooklyn, make a documentary.

Anything could happen. The skyline’s the limit…


After chucking a boxful of fancy dress-related junk a few years back (remnants from University SU nights) I vowed never to spend money on anything involving cowboy hats, school ties or fairy wands EVER again. However, I will make exceptions for secret-venue East-end Halloween raves.

This year I did Halloween the chic way; using Face Lace from Harvey Nics and a long silver wig. I’m calling it Ice Queen-meets-Black Swan. It works, right?



Brrrrrrr, it’s time to start thinking about coats and hats and scarves – all the trappings of cold-weather dressing.

For slightly milder, more autumnal temperatures I love Warehouse’s long-line biker, but on days like today (toe-numbingly chilly) something a bit more substantial is required – like my Day Birger et Mikkelsen cardi-coat…


If you thought McQueen’s Armadillo shoes were freaky looking then check this….

Not even Gaga will be attempting these; they’re part of an exhibit called Scary Beautiful and will mercifully never go into production.  The unique ‘fronted-heel’ design was dreamt up by artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer René van den Berg, who were inspired by society’s obsession with plastic surgery.


This season I’m going to leave the show reviews to the Sarah Mowers of this world and just hit you with a slideshow of a my favourite looks from SS13 instead. Feast your eyes…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


If you haven’t yet been to Selfridges’ new Beauty Workshop you really must. The stationery section has been scaled back (sorry stationery lovers) and in its place are a series of shiny grooming pit stops where you can be preened from head to toe in quick succession.

I had my brows done at Blink (the girls there are total pros) and opted for a ring finger manicure at The Paint Shop – Selfridges’ new nail bar.

Oh, and I saw Poppy Delevingne scoffing a croissant. Ok, it was a mini one. And yes, fine, she ate it in a very ladylike manner, but still…


Katie Grand designed a range of accessories for Hogan and called on all her supermodel friends to front the campaign, because it really doesn’t get much cooler than leggy models in high-tops, does it?

Grand also revealed that the wedge high-top has been around for ages, stating “The Attractive [shoe model above] has been in the Hogan archive for years.” Who knew?